Appeal For Emergency Drought Response in Somalia – 2023

Appeal For Emergency Drought Response in Somalia – 2023

What is the Somalia Drought Crisis 2021- 2022?

Drought is a recurrent and serious issue in Somalia; it is a water-scarce country and is on the verge of an expanding desert. In Somalia, 5.6 million people are currently food insecure and suffer from water shortage due to poor and erratic rainfall distribution, droughts, armed conflict, political tensions, COVID-19, recurring locust infestation, and livelihood-motivated displacements.  On Nov 23rd 2021 the Federal Government of Somalia declared the ongoing prolonged dry spell characterized by the severe shortage of water and food insecurity as a National disaster and appealed for support to respond to the humanitarian crisis. Drought conditions are predicted to persist in many parts of the country until early 2022.

Donate to the Somalia Drought Crisis Appeal 

We need your help to: 

  • Provide Cash- based Assistance (Unconditional Cash Assistance/ Cash for Work) to the drought-affected communities to tackle food insecurity and loss of livelihood
  • Provide families with clean water and information on keeping themselves safe
  • To carry out advocacy efforts for identifying gender and protection issues, and framing the mitigation measures

Somalia Drought Crisis: 5.6 million people are in need of humanitarian aid 

The number of people who need assistance and protection in Somalia is expected to rise by 7.7 million in 2022. At present, the worst drought affected areas include: Lower-Juba, Middle-Juba, Gedo, Bay, Mudug, Nugal, Bari, Toghdheer, Bakool, Galguduud, and Sool regions which are currently experiencing severe water shortage for domestic as well as agricultural and pasture production. Middle-Shabelle, Lower-Shabelle, Mudug, and Hiraan are also confronting moderate drought. Somalia- a country already crippled due to repeated locust infestation and Covid-19 pandemic needs due attention from the international donor community to fight against the impending famine. Due to high food prices, people are making impossible choices like selling their cattle and taking their children out of school. In the drought- affected areas people are skipping meals, and unable to fulfill their daily food intake.

The best way to donate to help Somalia

Through our Drought Appeal Somalia 2022 you can help Somalia by donating generously. In order to avert the impending famine, we need your help to reach as many people as possible and widen our response.

Your donations can help NEXUS Consortium team in Somalia to carry out effective drought emergency response Donate Now and help save lives in Somalia.

Donate Now: 

* Climate change is an immediate existential threat to the people of Somalia. Poor rains are resulting in crop failure and destruction of pasture. Depleted water resources are leading to the death and displacement of livestock and communities. Dry and hot weather is not only resulting in crop failure but it is also contributing in converting the fertile land into a barren land. Women and children are the most vulnerable groups during the humanitarian crisis they are more prone to physical, mental, psychological, and sexual violence. They are also exposed to harassment while traveling to remote areas in search of food and water. Additionally, the forced displacements are also contributing in increasing the number of people in the need of humanitarian assistance as they left their houses, livestock, lands and other assets at their native areas and reached the IDPs camps for survival.

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