Appeal For Emergency Flood Response in Somalia – 2023

Appeal For Emergency Flood Response in Somalia – 2023

 Urgent Humanitarian Appeal. 

The Devastating flooding caused by El Ninõ has struck communities in Somalia, leaving countless families homeless and in desperate need of assistance. Time is of the essence! Swift support can offer a lifeline to those affected by this disaster.

Homes have been destroyed, and basic necessities are running dangerously low. Food, clean water, and medical aid are urgently required to prevent further suffering. Scaling up funding and mobilizing resources will help rebuild lives, restore hope, and provide essential supplies to those affected by the floods. This will also go a long way in making a difference and bringing solace to the devastated communities.

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Donate to the Somalia’s Flood Crisis Appeal 

We need your help to: 

  • Provide Cash- based Assistance (Unconditional Cash Assistance/ Cash for Work) to the flood-affected communities to tackle food insecurity and loss of livelihood
  • Provide families with clean water, basic food and information on keeping themselves safe
  • To carry out advocacy efforts for identifying gender and protection issues, and framing the mitigation measures

Somalia Flood Crisis: More that 2.6 million people are in need of humanitarian aid 

The number of people who need humanitarian assistance in Somalia is expected to rise as the rain continues to pound. At present, the worst flood affected areas include: Lower-Juba, Middle-Juba, Gedo, Bay, Bakol, middle Shabelle and lower shabelle  regions which are currently experiencing severe flooding, a situation that resulted unprecedented suffering and displacement affecting both lives and livelihood.

The best way to donate to help Somalia

Through our Flood Appeal Somalia  you can help Somalia by donating generously. In order to avert the impending catastrophic situation, we need your help to reach as many people as possible and widen our response.

Your donations can help NEXUS Consortium team in Somalia to carry out effective drought emergency response Donate Now and help save lives in Somalia.

Donate Now: 

* Climate change is an immediate existential threat to the people of Somalia. Heavy rains are resulting in crop failure and destruction of pasture. Flooding water could lead to the outbreak of waterborne diseases for both people and the remaining livestock. Women and children are the most vulnerable groups during the humanitarian crisis they are more prone to physical, mental, psychological, and sexual violence. They are also exposed to harassment while travelling to remote areas to escape the raging flood water.  


Nexus is a platform for locally led change in response to the current challenges to Somalia and Somaliland. The main objectives of Nexus Consortium include:

I. Deliver humanitarian response to save lives/livelihood.

II. Enhance disaster preparedness and resourcing response to reduce vulnerabilities.

III. Empower communities to design and deliver their own initiatives.

IV. Mobilize actors to support community development initiatives by shifting the paradigm from international to local organizations for strengthening the bottom-up approach to address the challenges faced by local communities at grassroots level.

V. Contribute to a peaceful and stable Somali society to achieve sustainable development.

VI. Advance the Somali aid system through empowering the locally led approach by
delivering integrated peacebuilding, humanitarian and development Programmes.

VII. Generate spaces for local organizations to seek, scale-up and deliver integrated
programming through multidimensional engagements between local communities, civil society and the public and private sectors.

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