The Nexus Difference

Somali-led, Somali-owned

Nexus is a platform for Somali civil society leadership that is Somali-owned and Somali-led. Nexus represents a next stage in the localization agenda and is ensuring that interventions are deeply embedded in local contexts. With nine member organizations with operations across all Federal Member States and Somaliland, Nexus has not only a reach that few others can claim but also a grassroots community-based presence that makes the consortium uniquely placed to develop far more nuanced processes for conflict sensitivity and social inclusion than existing interventions.

South to South Learning

Nexus member organizations possess between them decades of experience across a wide variety of programmatic interventions in the sectors of development, humanitarian aid and peacebuilding. The experiences and expertise possessed by Nexus member organizations is a formidable resource that will be leveraged in a process of South to South Learning, knowledge sharing that will improve the capacities and programmatic capabilities of all organizations.

Somali Ownership and Collaboration

Closely related, the institutional development component of Nexus’ programming provides a coherent and cascading model of institutional strengthening for Nexus’ members, wider Somali civil society and specific government institutions that is unprecedented in the Somali context. Establishing a set of Somali-specific assessment standards, Nexus will deliver holistic and strategic institutional strengthening, which is critical not just for ensuring more robust institutions but also in order for Somali civil society and government to adapt to the evolving Somali context.

Leader for Public Private Partnerships

Working with the private sector, Nexus will bridge the gap between community needs, private sector interests and environmental concerns by facilitating new public-private partnerships to bring sustainable development outcomes in the sectors of energy and environmental stewardship. Additionally, Nexus will leverage the established working relationships that already exist between member organizations and government institutions across all Federal Member States and Somaliland to work with the government in the establishment of new policy frameworks and processes, including a National Climate Change Action Policy and a model for a National Beneficiary Registry for Social Safety Net Programs.

Thought Leadership

Nexus will address persistent barriers to achieving sustained impact by claiming space as a thought leader, influencing the future of Somalia and Somaliland by pushing the boundaries of what is thought to be possible, promoting Somali-led research initiatives and producing annual reviews of best practices, lessons learned from Nexus activities. In a context of growing tensions between national and international actors, Nexus is uniquely placed to influence from within by building bridges between religious and clan leaders, other influential actors in Somalia and Somaliland and international actors.

Nexus Aim

Nexus is strategically investing with an aim to shape the future in Somalia and Somaliland and breaks the silos of humanitarian aid, development and peacebuilding interventions.

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