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Centre for Peace and Democracy (CPD), Gargaar Relief and Development Organization (GREDO), Horn of Africa Voluntary Youth Committee (HAVOYOCO), KAALO, Save Somali Women and Children (SSWC), Social-Life and Agriculture Development Organisation (SADO), Taakulo Somaliland Community (TASCO), and WASDA– and two INGOs – Oxfam and Save the Children International.

Nexus is a paradigm-shifting platform of Somali civil society, strategically investing in the institutions of civil society and government to lead the way in identifying, scaling and integrating community-owned and driven solutions to humanitarian, development and peacebuilding needs.

The eight NEXUS member organizations bring to the table rich and incredibly diverse strengths and qualities that makes the platform stronger and grow exponentially going forward. Their extensive expertise and experience across varying thematic areas, and their relationships and rapport amongst one other is the most significant qualities that enriches the platform to achieve its strategic objectives. The organizations’ presence in all the regions in Somalia/Somaliland and their decades of involvement in humanitarian interventions make them a strong force in
Somalia’s ever evolving and highly competitive humanitarian space.
NEXUS Platform member organizations bring together over 25 years of experience, and programmatic and policy expertise. Member organizations have collectively managed over US$25 million in 2022 to reach over 2.5 million people. They have deep understanding of the context and dynamics at regional and national levels; are accepted and trusted by key stakeholders-communities, authorities, and other civil society organisations; and possess grassroot foothold that enables them implement projects seamlessly. The members have been implementing humanitarian, development and conflict prevention, mitigation and response programs amidst relative calm, conflict and during disasters (both
natural and man-made). It is the experience that gives the members the confidence and agility to continue working for such a long time.

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Nexus is a platform for locally led change in response to the current challenges to Somalia and Somaliland. The main objectives of Nexus Consortium include:

I. Deliver humanitarian response to save lives/livelihood.

II. Enhance disaster preparedness and resourcing response to reduce vulnerabilities.

III. Empower communities to design and deliver their own initiatives.

IV. Mobilize actors to support community development initiatives by shifting the paradigm from international to local organizations for strengthening the bottom-up approach to address the challenges faced by local communities at grassroots level.

V. Contribute to a peaceful and stable Somali society to achieve sustainable development.

VI. Advance the Somali aid system through empowering the locally led approach by
delivering integrated peacebuilding, humanitarian and development Programmes.

VII. Generate spaces for local organizations to seek, scale-up and deliver integrated
programming through multidimensional engagements between local communities, civil society and the public and private sectors.

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