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Welcome to NEXUS - "Stronger Together"

Welcome to Nexus -
Stronger Together

Founded in 2019 by nine Somali NGOs, Nexus is a paradigm-shifting platform for civil society leadership that aims to shape the future in Somalia and Somaliland and breaks the silos of humanitarian aid, development and peacebuilding interventions.


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Nexus is currently supported by seed funding from Oxfam and Save the Children, plus extensive in-kind contributions from all members. For the next three-year Phase One, Nexus is seeking to deliver a diverse portfolio across Somalia and Somaliland, outlined in the interventions section.

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Latest Publications

Participatory Action Research on Humanitarian Aid Dependency and Impact of Climate Change in Somalia.

Nexus Anticipatory and Emergency Response Fund

Research on the Progress of Localization in Somalia and Somaliland.

Nexus Platform, Community Driven Development Model Guide.

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Nexus is a platform for locally led change in response to the current challenges to Somalia and Somaliland. The main objectives of Nexus Consortium include:

I. Deliver humanitarian response to save lives/livelihood.

II. Enhance disaster preparedness and resourcing response to reduce vulnerabilities.

III. Empower communities to design and deliver their own initiatives.

IV. Mobilize actors to support community development initiatives by shifting the paradigm from international to local organizations for strengthening the bottom-up approach to address the challenges faced by local communities at grassroots level.

V. Contribute to a peaceful and stable Somali society to achieve sustainable development.

VI. Advance the Somali aid system through empowering the locally led approach by
delivering integrated peacebuilding, humanitarian and development Programmes.

VII. Generate spaces for local organizations to seek, scale-up and deliver integrated
programming through multidimensional engagements between local communities, civil society and the public and private sectors.

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